Crywolf’s Angels EP


We are excited to announce the release of Crywolf‘s sophomore EP on Always Never records! A continuation of his eloquent and epic storytelling that combines soft melodies with crashing breakdowns, The Angels EP continues to unveil Crywolf’s various talents as a producer, vocalist, and dreamer. Like The Iliad, the EP is meant to be taken in from beginning to end as a story that is best understood as a whole. The EP opens, of course, with “Intro” where Crywolf unveils a non-electronic build of strings and vocals from the lovely emalyn that pierce straight to your core. You’re then taken to “Eyes Half Closed” where some of Crywolf’s signature sweeping melodies take hold. It is here where we are first introduced to Crywolf’s own vocals, accompanied buy a melancholic lead that drives straight into a careening and stuttering build that lingers through the remainder of the track. Built to effectively portray a haunting but beautiful adventure, the EP moves forth into “Whisper” where Crywolf and emalyn’s vocals intertwine, and a serenade between the two floats over a warped and vibrating bassline. The title track “Angels” offers a tingling melody over giant timpani drums. Prominent piano melodies return on “Bury Now”, aided by Lis and Crywolf’s romantic vocals, unique drum patterns and winds. The chop and warp of vocals towards the end add a new element to the track, which finishes as delicately as it began. The EP finishes with a faint outro, “Sillage” which quietly lies the listener down after a riveting dream-like journey. In a spectrum of music that is oft erratic and single-faceted, Crywolf breathes a huge breath of fresh air into the world with his thought-out approach to musical structure and addition of his own vocals. It’s abundantly clear that he’s found his calling with the yin and yang of delicate and colossal soundscapes, which Angels EP showcases brilliantly.

Listen to the single ‘Eyes Half Closed’ below and get it instantly when you Preorder Crywolf’s Angels EP on iTunes

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3 Responses to “Crywolf’s Angels EP”

  1. Jake says:

    Who is Emalyn? She is what made the intro huge for me and i cant find her anywhere.

  2. Maya says:

    Eyes half closed is probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I got tears in my eyes listening to it. Justin’s voice is so captivating and powerful. I have been telling everyone I know to listen to the Angels EP. I can’t wait for what Crywolf will put out next.

  3. Lyss says:

    You are absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!
    Please come play a show in Denver!

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