Crywolf & Ianborg – “Oceans”

Always Never is proud to present the newest artist added to the roster in 2013, Crywolf, by means of a free download in preparation for his 5-Track EP released this spring.

Crywolf, hailing from North Carolina, has been no stranger to the remix game with a multitude of remixes from everywhere across the musical spectrum. This year, Always Never is presenting brand new original material, starting with a free download of a collaboration with Ianborg entitled “Oceans”. The combination of Crywolf’s vocals and cascading melodies, along with a gritty undertone elaborate upon the vastness, beauty and innate darkness of oceans themselves.

This is only the beginning of the future between Crywolf and Always Never, and we’re excited to release the Ghosts EP soon, with an immense 5 tracks that traverse across various styles brought together by Crywolf’s unique balance act between delicate harmonies and haunting electro builds. Ihe mean time, be sure to listen & enjoy the free tune, and keep a look out for another collaboration from Crywolf with Aylen out next week.

Posted by: Always Never

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