It’s a great Tuesday in the world of Always Never, we’re super happy to finally present our newest signee’s SLDGHMR with their EP, Reset. Just a bit ago they released their music video for “I Just Want You To Know”, which was a rad little take on the legendary old techno-dance shows once recorded on VHS.

The Reset EP begins with the title track, a massive techno-driven jaunt with commanding vocals and a post TRON vibe, and then traverses over five more tracks that effectively deliver a dark yet danceable sound. “I Just Want You To Know” continues along the techno route, with slamming kick drums and vocals with the help of You Love Her Cos She’s Dead. Pitched down vocals on “Welcome To The Technodome” are a tongue-in-cheek ode to techno and, upon more careful examination, outside genres as well. “BAOM” is perhaps the darkest of the release, channeling the dark French techno wave with carefully placed stabs and staccatos. The EP then slows down on “Shadows Dancing” with softer vocal cuts and piano chords. Closing the EP is “Back To The Start”, an effortless fusion of techno and disco aided by the ever-talented and loquacious Louisahhh!!! on vocals.

The EP is out now wherever you buy or stream music, but just in case, you can click any of the purchase links below. You can also stream the EP over on their SoundCloud and keep an eye out for a free download of one of the songs.

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